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Pope Francis said that “Human Trafficking is an open wound to the Body of Christ” and “a crime against humanity.”

Our Mission

The mission of The O’Connell House is to provide comprehensive services for women who have been trafficked who may also be pregnant or with a young child. It is a place where dignity will be restored and healing can occur. We accomplish this by having Sister Caregivers 24/7.

Our Story

Global Strategic Operatives, GSO, was initiated after a high-level meeting of leaders and stakeholders at the UN in 2018.  It was decided to focus on training healthcare professionals across the globe on how to identify a victim who is being trafficked and to take appropriate action. The rationale for choosing to focus on healthcare is studies and data show that 88-92% of all survivors sought out medical care while being trafficked. If not trained, the victims fall through the cracks of the healthcare system and do not receive the help that is critically needed and remain in the ‘life” until help is offered.

Now that we have had success in training over 750,000 healthcare providers, we are moving forward with an additional mission: providing safe homes for survivors. We realize the more the healthcare systems identify victims, the greater the need for accurate placement for healing to help them on their journey to becoming survivors.

GSO has trained & hired Religious Sisters as ‘care providers,’ to provide a loving, nurturing presence in the home for the victims’ rehabilitation. We call this the “Sister Care Model.” All staff are trained by GSO and will learn Trauma Informed Care, with a Victim-centered approach.

 A“Volunteer On-Line Modular Training Course” will be required of all volunteers who will have direct interaction with residents, completed prior to starting their volunteer work.

 One specific home located in MA, is named The O’Connell House. The home’s mission is to serve women who have been sex trafficked who may be pregnant and/or have a small child. The building itself has 15 very large bedrooms—enough to fit an extra crib or twin bed in addition to a double bed. Each bedroom also has its own private bathroom. There are currently 2 rooms not utilized by residents for overnight caregivers and a therapy room, leaving 13 rooms for residents. The house has an industrial size kitchen and laundry, as well as office space, meeting rooms, large dining area, an exercise area, storage room with clinician office area, and a beautiful Chapel for a place for prayer, meditation, etc

The O’Connell House partners with the local healthcare system, for primary, emergency and OBGyn care, along with mental health services. Other partners include local law enforcement, Homeland Security, FBI and other healthcare entities, working together to fill the house with residents.

Longer term, we hope to identify more properties to re- purpose them into safe houses for victims of trafficking, replicated by the O’Connell House Model.

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